for Christ's glory is what VBS Reachout Adventures is all about!

Your VBS kids will come away from Space Probe knowing that God not only created them, but sees them and knows them at all times, and has reached out in love to save them. It's knowing God as our personal Creator and Savior that changes lives forever.

In this outer space-themed VBS, your young "Astronuats"—churched and unchurched—will meet the Lord of the Universe and engage the truths of His Word through:

VBS 2018 Space Probe

profound, in-depth
Bible lessons
captivatingly conveyed by costumed "eyewitness" Storytellers

VBS 2018 Space Probe

exciting and challenging Scripture memory drills kids are eager to participate in

VBS 2018 Space Probe

a daily, theme-related Gospel presentation
the children learn step-by-step for themselves and to share

VBS 2018 Space Probe

meaningful, motivating service projects
at home, in the community, and at VBS

2018 Space Probe VBS
Space Probe is a time and field-tested Vacation Bible School kids from all backgrounds truly love! You'll effectively reach your neighborhood children and inspire and disciple your own church kids, too. This Biblically rich and fun program makes VBS worth all the effort you invest in planning and carrying it out. PLUS you'll receive FREE personal coaching along the way when you need it.

Let Genesis 1: Space Probe launch your church and community into a cosmic adventure that fuels kids' faith in Jesus Christ for eternity!

2018 Space Probe VBS Starter Kit

“ biblical theology, unusual nowadays in materials for children, and a presentation that is unsurpassed for interest and fun. Moreover, the four-year cycle of themes allows us to mix freshness with experience.”

Rev. Robert Rayburn
“I highly recommend Reachout Adventures. Their material conveys the belief that our children deserve teachers with a deep understanding of the Scripture lesson. This program proves you don't have to sacrifice in-depth Bible teaching to have a creative, fun-filled week with children!”

Mrs. Sue Jakes
“The content of the Reachout material allows us to make the Gospel attractive. Every year young lives are touched and changed. Thank you for your partnership.”

Rev. Alistair Begg
VBS 2018 Space Probe
VBS 2018 Space Probe Bible Lessons


Space Probe's profound content is sure to inspire
the young hearts and minds of your VBS Astronauts!

Daily Space Trek Bible lessons introduce them to their Personal Creator and the Intimate Observer of their everyday lives, and call them to discover the wonder of redemption through Jesus Christ.

God's Word comes alive as Astronauts:

  • board time-traveling starships
  • embark on a 5-day mission deep into the book of Genesis where the creation, fall, and flood accounts unfold in exciting, life-changing ways
  • encounter intrigue and adventure through "eyewitness" Storytellers bringing God's Word to life
  • are encouraged to enter the "Ark" of eternal salvation, Jesus Christ, loving and worshiping Him as Savior and Lord
  • come away with life-changing perspectives from Genesis 1-9

2018 VBS Bible Lessons
God As My Creator:
I Know by Faith
Genesis 1:1-25

The Creator God of the universe is a real, living Person who made me, speaks to me through His Word, and asks me to believe by faith that everything the Bible tells me about creation is true.
2018 VBS Bible Lessons
God Made Me to Know Him & Be With Him:
Man as Creature and Worshipper of God
Genesis 1:26-Genesis 2

God created me and all people in His own image to personally respond to Him in love and worship.
2018 VBS Bible Lessons
Sin has Broken My Relationship with God:
Man Desires to be Creator Rather than Creature
Genesis 3

Because Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, I cannot know or please God through my own efforts.
2018 VBS Bible Lessons
Cain and Abel:
Which One Am I?
Genesis 4:1-16, 25

Because of Adam and Eve’s sin, we all have “Cain” hearts filled with pride and self-reliance. Abel gives us a picture of what it is to repent and believe in the perfect Lamb of God who alone can change our hearts and make us right with God.
2018 VBS Bible Lessons
Noah's Story:
An Example for Me
Genesis 6:1-9:17

God tells me about Noah so I can see my need to repent of my sin, go into my only safe place, my "Ark," Jesus Christ, and in Jesus be restored to a loving relationship with my wonderful, holy Creator.
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VBS 2018 Curriculum PDF - Click to View
“Christ-centered, Bible-based, doctrinally sound, and delightfully creative.
I heartily commend your materials!”

Rev. J. Ligon Duncan
“...a stellar example of scholarship with a burning excellent example of creative educational tools to advance deep spiritual truth.”

Rev. Joseph Novenson
“The eyewitness storytelling really made the Bible story come alive and focused the children's attention on the truths of God's Word.”

VBS Director Sarah Kitts
“If you're looking to dig deeper into the Bible in your VBS, Reachout Adventures is the place to go!”

Rev. James McManus
“I am impressed with how you have kept the material fresh without compromising your Biblical and Reformed commitments.”

Rev. Robert Looper
VBS 2018 Space Probe
VBS 2018 Space Probe Scripture Memory

Engaging Scripture Memory

In a Reachout VBS, memorizing God's Word plays a key & fun role. Your VBS kids will amaze you by how much of the Word they can hide in their hearts!

Space Probe's memory work is learned in a question, answer, and verse format to aid in understanding, and is reviewed and encouraged through the exciting Rocket Drill. Daily reviews help ensure that by week's end they'll know the full passage of verses. Astronauts also learn key Gospel verses from the daily "Salvation Flight Plan" Gospel presentation, and eager memorizers can go on to learn Extra Credit Memory Verses, and the Books of the Bible.

VBS 2018 Space Probe


Acts 17:24-31
Salvation Flight Plan Verses
(Gospel Presentation)
Extra Credit Memory Verses
Books of the Bible

*age-graded portions

VBS 2018 Space Probe


Psalm 95:6-7
Salvation Flight Plan Verses
(Gospel Presentation)
Extra Credit Memory Verses

VBS 2018 Space Probe

2's & 3's

Psalm 95:6

“Since memory work is not as encouraged these days, our teachers and parents were surprised by the enthusiasm and ease with which even the youngest children learned their verses!”

VBS Director Nancy Myers
“Our VBS went great!  Everyone loved the curriculum and the flow of the program. My favorite part was watching the kids dig into the Word. We are excited already about next year's program!”

VBS Director Vicki Waide
“Sound biblical instruction is never sacrificed for mere entertainment, and yet it is great fun for the kids. The Scripture memory emphasis enhances the eternal benefits of VBS.”

Rev. Chad Steenwyk
VBS 2018 Space Probe
VBS 2018 Space Probe Gospel Presentation

Salvation Flight Plan
Gospel Presentation

For Reachout Adventures, the Gospel is front and center!

Space Probe's theme-related Salvation Flight Plan Gospel presentation is a key part of every Space Probe day, and is learned by the Astronauts—both for their own understanding and to share with others.

Salvation Flight Plan is creatively presented daily
through skits and an animated PowerPoint visual aid.
It's also colorfully illustrated and captioned
in their Student Logbooks for them to memorize,
take home to parents and friends, and remember
long after VBS is over.

VBS 2017 Gospel Presentation
“This material reaches both covenant children as well as community children who come through the doors of the church for the first time.”

Dr. E. Brent Turner
“Children’s ministry is often a desert of moralism...your VBS was a much needed wellspring of Gospel truth. Helping children find their identity in the Gospel is clearly VBS Reachout’s greatest desire!”

Rev. Anthony Trussoni
“The Gospel is clear, the means of Grace are clear, the emphasis on man's chief end is clear—and it is a tremendous amount of fun for everyone. Praise God for such a valuable resource!”

Rev. Robert Looper
“This was our first year using Reachout, & we had a great VBS! The kids are so sad it’s over & everyone is already excited about next year. The Gospel presentations were awesome!”

VBS Director Laney Birch
2018 VBS
VBS 2018 Space Probe Music

Music with Impact

Space Probe Music CD
Space Probe's 10 great songs have been given a fresh new sound by Benjamin and Chelsea Peck, Mr & Mrs Something, who have created the music for our other 3 themes.

This mixture of upbeat & worshipful songs will immerse your VBS kids in Space Probe's rich spiritual themes. They'll have great fun learning and singing them at Space Probe, in the car to and from, and long after VBS is over!

  • Music CD's (vocal/instrumental tracks) are perfect for use in training meetings and for purchase by staff and parents.
  • Leader's Music CD includes vocal/instrumental plus instrumental-only tracks and is included in Starter Kit and full Director Kit orders.
  • Piano Music and guitar chords with cross-reference guide to corresponding Bible lessons and Gospel Presentation steps.
  • Chord Charts include lyrics and chords for each song.
  • Hand-Motion DVD provides a demonstration of hand-motions for training Song Leader and assistants in leading your VBS kids.
  • A PowerPoint presentation of song lyrics against eye-catching theme-related art is on the Artwork CD (included in all Director Kit orders, or available separately).

“I loved growing up on Reachout songs. We sang them all the time, not just at VBS. My siblings & I still remember them!”

Anna, age 21
“I loved VBS because I learned about God in fun ways. I remember a lot of the songs and Bible verses, and I use them when I feel sad or afraid.”

Allison, Age 11
VBS 2018 Space Probe
VBS 2018 Space Probe - Our Format

Relationship-Friendly Format

VBS 2018 Space Probe

Teacher-student relationships grow as
  • rotation schedules allow time to get to know students
  • activity stations allow staff to specialize

VBS 2018 Space Probe

Classroom teachers do not:
  • teach the Bible lessons
  • give the Gospel presentation
  • lead recreation, singing, assemblies
  • serve snacks

VBS 2018 Space Probe

Classroom teachers do:
  • get to know and disciple a small group of 6-8 children
  • oversee Bible lesson heart and life application worksheet completion
  • teach & listen to memory work
  • participate with their group in assemblies, Bible lessons

VBS 2018 Space Probe Format Chart - Click for larger view

“The only curriculum that really gets kids into the Bible — reading, memorizing, and doing extra activities all connected with the Word of God. Kids and parents love these programs!”

Children's Ministry Director Laurie Beavers
“Our whole team loved the format and the depth of teaching involved. Also, it was wonderful how every aspect of the material, from music to crafts reinforced the Bible stories. The children and volunteers all had loads of fun with every station, but more importantly the children came to a greater understanding of the Gospel with each and every day. ”

Rev. Anthony Trussoni
“Reachout is all about the children and introducing them to Jesus Christ…It's exciting and Gospel-centered...the children can’t wait to get to VBS and don’t want to leave...our dedicated volunteers say Reachout makes our VBS a success!”

Rev. Bruce O'Neil
VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts
VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts

Lesson-Reinforcing Crafts

Space Probe's creative craft curriculum

  • presents fun, quality projects
  • helps children remember Bible lessons truths
  • provides detailed instructions & patterns (supplies not included)
  • is designed for all grade levels
  • supplements Lesson Handwork for 4's-K

VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts

Age 4-Grade 6 Crafts

VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts

VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts

Age 2's & 3's Crafts

VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts

VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts

Age 4-K Lesson Handwork

VBS 2018 Space Probe Crafts
“This was by far one of the most biblically saturated and God-centered curricula we've ever used. Numerous staff expressed how much they like the depth of the lessons, and several teachers noted how they themselves were impacted as they prepared the lessons.”

Elder Taj Eaton
“Our VBS was a huge success, and by the closing program I had numerous people asking what the theme would be next year!”

VBS Director Robbie Franks

Space Probe is just one of four rotating adventure themes. Sign on with VBS Reachout Adventures & take the guesswork out of your VBS decision-making!

2018 Space Probe VBS Starter Kit
2018 VBS

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2018 VBS