Raising the Bar with Your VBS Music: The Significance of Discipling through Song

VBS Reachout Adventures - Raising the Bar with Your VBS Music

In this series we’ve looked at the compelling need to raise the bar at VBS, and proposed two key ways to do so: through in-depth Bible teaching and strong Scripture memory. Today’s post will begin to explore a third essential component in raising the bar at VBS: offering quality music with a meaningful message.

To be sure, when it comes to music in the church, emotions and opinions run deep! Godly, committed Christians differ widely in their views on the subject—most of us know folks who’ve left a church over its style of worship music—so we won’t go there! Where we will go, however, is to lay out what we at Reachout believe are some non-negotiables when it comes to VBS music.

Let me lay the groundwork with this brief anecdote involving my mother-in-law, Betty, a dear saint and lover of Christ’s Church. Betty was deeply saddened when a number of her close, longtime friends and fellow church members left the congregation over changes in worship music. They eventually transferred to a church that had music to their liking but that offered, to Betty’s shock, weak Bible teaching. Betty was chagrined; how could music style ever trump solid theology and sound preaching?!

Sadly, there are VBS Directors who are similar to Betty’s friends when it comes to evaluating a VBS program. What really matters to them is style, not content, and key in that evaluation is the program’s style of music. Is the music upbeat? Is it catchy? Is it easy enough for kids to learn? The answers to these questions become paramount in their choice of VBS programs.

But, friends, this should not be so! And, if you’re familiar with Reachout’s schools, you know you don’t have to make a choice between deep Biblical content and engaging musical style. Next blog we’ll expand on Reachout’s philosophy regarding music in VBS and what it is in our songs that causes them to have eternal impact!