Sunday–Hassle or Highlight?

VBS Reachout

What’s your favorite day of the week? I think for a lot of us, Friday or Saturday are the days that get us through our harried weeks. We look forward to having a break from work, having some family time, time to hang out in our pj’s with a good book and a warm cup of coffee. The more stressed life becomes, the more we long for times to unwind and relax. This fast-paced culture and the stresses of life tend to skew our perspective and longings away from what truly brings life and refreshment—time worshiping the Lover of our souls. more...

Why VBS Matters? Part II

VBS Reachout

Our last blog began a two-part series about the unique impact VBS can have in the work of the Kingdom, with the hope of expanding your zeal for this awesome ministry.  We discussed how VBS is strategically focused on those most likely to respond to the Gospel, and how the data shows that VBS is uniquely effectual in leading children to saving faith.

Here are two more reasons this ministry should be high among the church’s priorities.

Immerses Kids in the Word

VBS is to Sunday School what Soccer Camp is to year-round soccer. Think of it as a concentrated week of immersion in God’s Word and the Gospel—3 hours a day (as well as “homework” time) for five straight days vs. 45-50 minutes once a week. more...