Sunday–Hassle or Highlight?

VBS Reachout

What’s your favorite day of the week? I think for a lot of us, Friday or Saturday are the days that get us through our harried weeks. We look forward to having a break from work, having some family time, time to hang out in our pj’s with a good book and a warm cup of coffee. The more stressed life becomes, the more we long for times to unwind and relax. This fast-paced culture and the stresses of life tend to skew our perspective and longings away from what truly brings life and refreshment—time worshiping the Lover of our souls.

My pastor in my young adult days (who also happened to be my brother) often referred to Sunday, the Lord’s Day, as the Day of Days. I loved that because it was so true—or at least I believe God set it up that way. The Enemy of our souls, however, does everything in his power to undermine the day—from stirring up church squabbles that make Sundays unpleasant, to skewing our hearts’ desires toward other things—you name it. Chuck Swindoll once said, “We have become a generation of people who worship our work, who work at our play, and who play at our worship.” So rather than loving, looking forward to, and preparing ourselves and our families for Sundays and worship, we make other days and events take precedence and give little thought to preparing our hearts and homes for the day that is to be the highlight of our week.

In my first post in this series, I posited that children are an important part of the Church Body, and that our worship services are as much for them as they are for adults. So one of our primary goals should be to instill a love for Sundays and worship in our kids. But how do we do that—especially in this current climate when there are a million things fighting for their hearts and time?

I believe we start with praying and asking the Lord to first shape our own desires and affections to see Sunday as the Day of Days—the day all other days are building towards; the day that shapes and defines and gives meaning to every other day; the day that reminds us who we truly are, and who our God is. Next, we should begin our worship preparation on Saturday:

  • talk enthusiastically with your kids in anticipation of worship
  • work with them on Sunday School memory work
  • have them get their offering and Bibles ready and by the door where they’ll remember to pick them up as you leave
  • make sure their clothes are ready so you’re not scrambling to find them Sunday morning
  • pray with them at bedtime for their Sunday School teachers, pastors, and for the visitors who need Jesus

Making Sunday the Day of Days in our hearts and our homes will be transformative, shaping us and our children, by God’s grace, to be more and more like Jesus who loved His Father’s house, and was “about His Father’s business” in everything He did.

I’d love to hear your ideas about how we can best prepare ourselves and our kids for worship.