Sunday–Hassle or Highlight?

VBS Reachout

What’s your favorite day of the week? I think for a lot of us, Friday or Saturday are the days that get us through our harried weeks. We look forward to having a break from work, having some family time, time to hang out in our pj’s with a good book and a warm cup of coffee. The more stressed life becomes, the more we long for times to unwind and relax. This fast-paced culture and the stresses of life tend to skew our perspective and longings away from what truly brings life and refreshment—time worshiping the Lover of our souls. more...

Bouncy Houses and Worship

VBS Reachout

I was recently talking with a friend who served on the setup team at his church who had to report at 6:30 am. Wow, that’s a lot of setup, I thought. As he continued to explain his tasks, he mentioned the bouncy house he had to prepare for the kids.  Here’s the gist of our conversation:

Me: “Really? A bouncy house?”

My friend:  “Yeah, we want the kids to love coming to church, so we have a bouncy house for them.”

Me: “So are they a part of the service?”

My friend: “No, the adults go to the service, and the kids enjoy the bouncy house and some teaching.” more...